I’ve always been fascinated about the opposing views on the RH negative blood type. The scientific which accepts it as a DNA type mutation, which gives some people, immunity against certain parasitic ailments. A bit like how sickle cell carriers have stronger immunity against malaria. Then there are the mythological beliefs of it being the bloodline of the gods, aliens, reptiles, Atlantis, etc.

As a child, I would also hear stories of people with ghost or spirit lovers which today would be classified as spectrophilia. These words played in my head and I wanted to express them narratively. I wanted to create a universe linking it all together. This short film is the introduction to that universe. What if the mythological and scientific perceptions around it all were actually one and the same?

The process of research was exciting, but I didn’t want to get too knowledgeable on the topic. I wanted to honour the organic nature of my imagination in the narrative development of the story and universe.

The sex scene was perhaps the most difficult, on two levels. Firstly, how to do it without making it overtly sexual but with a clear narrative context. Secondly, how to shoot it without a budget, I couldn’t afford an underwater shoot, which would have been the most ideal. So, I invented my own rig for the green screen. And it worked.


Lara, an unemployed young lady, responds to an online ad for a babysitter. To her surprise, she gets the job with just a phone interview and no reference checks.

On her first day her boss an attractive blond-haired single mother with a seven-month-old baby, leaves her alone in the house with the baby. Lara hears strange noises coming from the upstairs room in the house. Fearfully she makes her way up to investigate only to wake up in a hospital bed.

She has fuzzy flashbacks of being assaulted in the house before blacking out. Nobody believes her, not even the investigating officers. An old cleaner in the hospital secretly tells her she knows what happened to her. She claimed it’s linked to her ancient RH Negative bloodline. As things become clearer in her memory, the reality of the revelation is earth-shattering. It plunges her into a world where nobody is who they say they are and forces her to believe in the unbelievable. The human race is facing an existential threat.